Friday, June 21, 2013

Illinois University Edwardsville Science Building – Edwardsville, IL

Marlite System: 

  • Surface Systems Formica 7701 Gilded Glaze, Pionite AV721 Thyme Fiber, Formica 7219 Forrest Terra
  • Myriad with Lumicor Paper Leaf

Architectural Firm: 

Hastings & Chivetta St Louis, MO

Lead Interior Designer: 

Adrianne Bellew

General Contractor: Williams Brothers

Marlite Certified Installation Partner: Sebco

New Science Building

Numerous factors place an increasing demand on science facilities at SIUE: rising interest in the sciences, recognition of the importance of lab experience for general education, as well as SIUE’s participation in the Illinois Articulation Initiative, which requires all undergraduates take at least one lab-based science course.
The existing science building is used seven days a week to meet lab schedules. Constructed in 1966, it houses Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics and Environmental Sciences. Code limitations severely restrict teaching and research programs and piecemeal modifications have taxed the building’s mechanical systems.
SIUE hired Hastings+Chivetta to design a renovation of the existing building and construction of an adjoining facility to enhance quality of instruction and to attract top faculty and students. Programming incorporated current trends in science education including smaller classrooms, instructional technology, student research, interactive learning and interdisciplinary spaces, especially laboratories.
Specialized labs dedicated to specific sciences will accommodate adjacent cold rooms, warm rooms and environmental growth chambers. Other components will include a machine shop, a scanning electron microscope facility, a darkroom, animal care facilities, conference rooms, study areas and student lounges.
The project is targeting LEED Silver Certification. (Read more... Hastings & Chivetta)

Science Building an Example for Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville wraps the first of six planned LEED Silver or higher facilities

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) has embarked on a major expansion effort to upgrade many of its campus facilities. In doing so, the school has turned to LEED construction principles to reduce its environmental impact. By the time all projects are complete, six campus facilities will be LEED Silver or higher, the second highest total among all Illinois universities. “It was a concerted effort that started out one project at a time,” says Rich Walker, assistant vice chancellor of administration at SIUE, which is less than 20 miles from St. Louis in Edwardsville, Illinois. “It continues to evolve into something more.” (read more...  gb&d magazine)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bakersfield Association of Realtors

Marlite Volta Dimensional Wall Panels

Marlite System: 

  • Surface Systems Marlite Faux Finish 715 Mahogany and 319 Whittier Anigre
  • Slatwall with Mahogany LPM Finish
  • Volta Dimensional Panel in Lucy Pattern with Painted Finish

Architectural Firm: Ordiz Melby Architects Bakersfield, CA

Architect: Jeannie Bertolaccini

General Contractor: Pyramid Construction Bakersfield, CA

Marlite Certified Installation Partner: Universal Plastics

Marlite Surface Systems on Far Wall

Project Bio: 

Marlite Slatwall

This project was a tenant improvement project. The Bakersfield Association of Realtors purchased the building and it was completely remodled including new walls. Marlite Systems were located in the board room for excutives to host meetings, the community room to serve as realtor research, and the lobby for guests. The lobby included Volta Dimensional Panels, Surface Systems, and Slatwall. 

Marlite Surface Systems Wall

The Bakersfield Association of Realtors stated in their November/December magazine "Our new Association home will most certainly have a fresh new look and feel, which we trust our members will be proud of for years to come!" (read more here Bakersfield Realtor Magazine Nov/Dec 2012)

View the Grand Opening Celebration Edition Magazine 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Marlite Advertising 1950's

Historically, Marlite has been best known for its durable baked finish paneling in a multitude of colors and finishes.  The company promoted its panel products aggressively and created great advertising in the 1950's. Today’s feature look back at Marlite’s earliest era.

Originally, Marlite products were exclusively marketed for residential construction and remodeling. The panels were installed "without muss or fuss" – a homemakers dream – beautiful, easy to clean and resistant to grease, stains and dents!

The ads specifically targeted two groups of people – the “stay at home” housewife and the “do it yourself” husband.  The deliverables in the ads show a very pleased wife, proud of her new showplace featuring attractive walls and ceilings. "What a Thrill, working in my kitchen since we remodeled with Marlite wall and ceiling panels!"

The husband takes great pleasure in applying “easy-to-install” Marlite paneling – a simple weekend project yielding short-term satisfaction and long-term visual appeal.

Founded in 1930 by Alvin and Victor Marsh, Marsh Wall Products Co. was noted for its decorative, functional and durable "Marsh Tile" for bathrooms and kitchens. The product, with grooves resembling tile, was made of hardboard and finished in a tough scratch and moisture-resistant topcoat melamine for unmatched surface quality. 

Later known as Marlite, in 1948, the company became a subsidiary of the Masonite Corporation, the supplier of the hardboard substrate used in the panel’s production.

Even today, many associate Marlite with the "hard, melamine plastic finished wall panel” it produced over sixty years ago.  But Marlite has grown into a leading manufacturer of interior wall systems for commercial markets – including restaurants, health care facilities, schools, stadiums and corporate offices. 

Offering products like Surface Systems with exotic wood veneers and Myriad featuring translucent backlit materials, Marlite’s evolution surprises those with pre-conceived notions from the past.  At the same time, Marlite is viewed as an innovative company with an incredible number of design possibilities for the newest generation of interior designers.