Friday, July 19, 2013

University of Missouri Hospital - Columbia, MO

Architectural Firm: 

Simon Oswald Associates Columbia, MO

Lead Architect: 

Matt Pinkstaff

Installer: Waterhout Construction

Marlite System: 

Surface Systems Ultra Durable Compact Laminate: Formica Glam Cherry & Nevamar Tea Stain Spun Yarn

Complete renovation of the 24,000 s.f. main hospital lobby concourse, elevator lobbies and parking garage entries.
For decades the University Hospital parking garage and lobby concourse has been the gateway for all entering the Hospital. 
With the new state-of-the-art Patient Care Tower under construction and scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2013, it is also time for the lobby to receive enhancements that will provide a visually cohesive transition from old to new.

Garage entries are designed to coordinate with materials and detailing of the new patient care tower, offering updated facades and well lit canopies to attract and welcome patients and visitors.
The lobby concourse will be enhanced with wood tones, natural hues and textures reminiscent of the new Patient Care Tower finishes.  Relocation of information desks and reconfiguration of seating will support new pedestrian traffic patterns and offer a variety of seating opportunities.
For consistency and way finding, elevator lobbies will be renovated to include similar finishes and detailing also found in the new tower.

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