Friday, August 23, 2013

Stone Canyon Elementary School - Owasso OK

Architectural Firm: The Stacy Group

Marlite System: 

Surface Systems MAP System 

Allison Curran was awarded an Outstanding Design Award from American Schools and Universities Magazine for this amazing design.

Marlite Surface Systems

Stone Canyon Elementary’s program was developed through a collaborative process that included school administrators, teachers, the community, architects and interior designers. The program called for a 650-student facility that would maintain a sense of community and scale, as well as take cues from the unique site.

Marlite Surface Systems
The Stacy Group develops the idea of a "School of Character" using nature as the backdrop. Each grade level has its own pod with a representative character trait and insect. This enables students to adopt this mascot and corresponding character trait throughout each year in the facility.
Marlite Surface Systems

Security was paramount when designing the facility. The design includes a secure vestibule that enables controlled access into the building. All of the exterior entrances can be seen from three camera locations. Each pod can be locked from the interior and eliminate access from the main corridors. This enables egress through the pod and away from intruders.

Energy efficiency and operating costs also were identified as high priorities for the building. The facility has daylighting in each area. The building also utilizes an energy-management control system. For additional energy savings, motion sensors control lighting in common spaces throughout the building, and sinks and toilets have infrared controls.

Each pod has an outdoor classroom that encourages teaching outside the box. Administrators wanted to develop an area where students could be more hands-on with class projects and interact with nature. The outdoor classrooms extend beyond the building and are specific for each age group.

The design of the interior spaces incorporates colors, shapes and textures to help students and visitors navigate the building more easily. By giving each pod its own entrance and identity, students develop a sense of community and ownership that teachers can use in the curriculum.

"Engaging, playful spaces for students. A well-thought-out, secure plan with good value."--2010 jury Read More

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